The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (AHT)

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A broad coalition in Massachusetts working to prevent harm to our health and our environment from toxic chemicals. Our goal is to prevent exposure to the most vulnerable populations, such as children and workers, and those living in overburdened communities. We work to create laws and policies that result in the phase out of toxic chemicals in consumer products and other uses, and replace them with safer alternatives. We advocate for the creation of such policies at the municipal, state, federal and corporate levels. Please join the effort.

We want to live flame retardant free!

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

There’s something in your couch and it’s not just foam. “7 out of 10 of us (firefighters) are going to get cancer at some point in our lives” - Jay Colbert from the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts spoke at the MA lobby day a few weeks ago along with Representative Decker, Senator Creem, and Tolle Graham from Mass COSH. 


Here’s what you can do to support passage of the flame retardants bill this session:

1. Call and/or write your State Representative!

2. Watch and share this video of Massachusetts activists calling for flame retardant free life!

3. Share and re-tweet the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow’s posts on Facebook and Twitter  and be sure to tag House Speaker DeLeo on Facebook: @HouseSpeakerRobertADeleo and Twitter: @speakerdeleo

For more info on S. 2302, An Act to protect children, firefighters and families from harmful flame retardants, (or the nearly identical H.4241), click here

Why Massachusetts should ban toxic flame retardants

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Infographic_FR_07.14.16b wPFFM logoToxic flame retardants are in our children’s products and furniture and get into children’s and adults’ bodies:

Toxic flame retardants are added to highchairs, car seats, nursing pillows, couches, carpet pads, electronic equipment (including toys), and other common household products.
These chemicals don't stay put - they get out of the products and into the dust in our homes, and also into our bodies.

Toxic flame retardant chemicals are found in breast milk, adults’, children’s and newborn babies’ blood, fish, and marine mammals. Blood levels of certain widely used flame retardants doubled in adults every two to five years between 1970 and 2004.[1]

A typical American baby is born with the highest recorded concentrations of flame retardants among infants in the world.[2]

Flame retardants are harmful to our health:
Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to cancer, learning disabilities, nervous system damage, infertility, obesity, thyroid problems and other serious health problems.

Some are highly persistent and build up in our bodies and the food chain


Newton Mother of 2 Calls on Mass. Lawmakers to Ban Toxic Flame Retardants

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

Erica and kids couchOn a hot and muggy morning in late June, a dynamic assembly of environmentalists, parents, firefighters, worker’s health advocates, and others piled into Hearing Room 222 of the Massachusetts State House. The issue that brought all these folks together: toxic flame retardants in kid’s products and household furniture.

Flame retardant chemicals have been flying under the radar for decades. Parents, medical professionals, health advocates, legislators, and others tried to nip the flame retardants issue in the bud during the 70’s and 80’s, but a deceptive campaign by the chemical and tobacco industries institutionalized the practice of adding flame retardants to many common household items. Thus, despite research connecting them to cancer, learning and developmental delays in children, and other serious health problems, flame retardants continue to be added in gross amounts to couches, kid’s pajamas, nursing pillows, and many other unlikely items, to this day.


Families and firefighters call for ban on toxic flame retardants

Posted on Jul 5, 2016

June 28, 2016

PFF and AHT Lobby Day 6-28BOSTON, Mass.
—Families, firefighters and advocates came together at the State House on Tuesday to call on the House of Representatives to pass a bill to ban toxic flame retardants in children’s products and household furniture. The event was organized by the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow and the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts.



Pick up the Phone for Kids and Firefighters

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

FR campaignTake action from your desk or your couch: join Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow for a call-in day to protect children and firefighters from toxic flame retardants. 

What: On June 15th, call your State Representative and ask them to do all that they can to pass S.2302 and H.4241 before July 31st. 

Why: Flame retardants chemicals in our homes have been linked to cancer, learning and developmental disabilities in children and many more health issues. The Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill to ban toxic flame retardants in children’s products and household furniture and the House has until this July 31st to do the same. Our strategy is clear: light a fire under the House of Representatives.


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