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We want to live flame retardant free!

Posted on Jul 21, 2016
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There’s something in your couch and it’s not just foam. “7 out of 10 of us (firefighters) are going to get cancer at some point in our lives” - Jay Colbert from the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts spoke at the MA lobby day a few weeks ago along with Representative Decker, Senator Creem, and Tolle Graham from Mass COSH. 


Here’s what you can do to support passage of the flame retardants bill this session:

1. Call and/or write your State Representative!

2. Watch and share this video of Massachusetts activists calling for flame retardant free life!

3. Share and re-tweet the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow’s posts on Facebook and Twitter  and be sure to tag House Speaker DeLeo on Facebook: @HouseSpeakerRobertADeleo and Twitter: @speakerdeleo

For more info on S. 2302, An Act to protect children, firefighters and families from harmful flame retardants, (or the nearly identical H.4241), click here