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Pick up the Phone for Kids and Firefighters

Posted on Jun 14, 2016
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FR campaignTake action from your desk or your couch: join Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow for a call-in day to protect children and firefighters from toxic flame retardants. 

What: On June 15th, call your State Representative and ask them to do all that they can to pass S.2302 and H.4241 before July 31st. 

Why: Flame retardants chemicals in our homes have been linked to cancer, learning and developmental disabilities in children and many more health issues. The Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill to ban toxic flame retardants in children’s products and household furniture and the House has until this July 31st to do the same. Our strategy is clear: light a fire under the House of Representatives.

3 Easy Steps to Contacting your State Representative

1)  Call your Rep. at 617-722-2000 (general State House phone number)

2) Urge them to work to pass flame retardants legislation (call script below)

3) Let us know when you call: send a message to AHT

Sample Script:
Hello (insert Rep.’s name) my name is _____________ , and as a resident of your district, I’m asking you to work to pass legislation that would ban harmful flame retardants from kid’s products and household furniture in Massachusetts. Flame retardants are bad for my/my family’s health and current fire safety standards in Massachusetts can be met without them. Thank you for putting the health of families and firefighters first!

If you don’t know who your Representative is you can look them up here.

Thank you for taking action!